Step Forward

take-me-to-your-leader-1Given current events, this seems an appropriate question to reflect on today.

In more stable peiods, leadership is less of a challenge. We can identify traits, behaviours, and models and for many years, many people have made a very good livijng training people how to lead.

In the currrent more, er, fluid environment, leadership becomes at the same time much more demanding, but paradoxically, much easier. It becomes about who we are.

When things are as they at the moment, no amount of training, marketing or PR will hack it. Authenticity rules, and any deviation toward a “designed position” stands a very high risk of being seen for what it is – a form of manipulation. If the last three months teaches us nothing else, it teaches us that.

Napoleon Bonaparte said that “Leaders are merchants of hope”. We might do well to remember that.

Today, more than ever, leadership is a disposition, not a role.

If you can answer the following questions without hesitation, then you are one:

  1. Who am I – the real me, or am I being asked to be something other than who I am?
  2. What do I want to achieve with my life that is about more than me?
  3. What are my values – what will I NOT do, what lines will I not cross?
  4. What is my “stance”, or my intention right now? Does it match 1-3?

Everything else – your skills, gifts, networks and experience are all assets to help you deliver what only you can deliver, no matter how small it may seem. We need it from you please.

We all have a choice in fluid times. To watch, or to step forward.

It’s a big  ask, but it’s a choice. Understanding why we’re doing it, how to do it, who to do it with, and what to do. Personally, I believe it’s better than being a spectator.



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