Growth. Messy versus Tidy

2015-09-06 13.54.38For many gardeners, and farmers, we have had a difficult summer. Things have not happened the way they were forecast. We have had glorious weather when we least expected it, and cold wet periods when we were supposed to have Sun.

Its very similar to our volatile markets. Excuses abound. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this”

The end result however is wonderful, if unevenly distributed. Right now, some farmers are rejoicing, others weeping. Similarly with businesses.

No matter what we budget or forecast, we will be wrong. The difference between success and failure is our ability to work with what is happening, not make what is not an excuse.

The photograph here is from our garden. This bed was supposed to be yellow and blue. The fact that it isn’t does not detract from its beauty.

We had a plan for the way our business would grow. It’s grown more than we expected, just not how we expected.

Improvisation will beat planning every time in today’s messy markets.

Planning and being tidy is vastly overrated. Growth is often messy, but glorious.

Learn to harness it.

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