The Asynchronous Business

The Asynchronous Business
“We note that the use of unstable business processes is on the rise. Unstable business processes are those that may change their execution from moment to moment — ones that cannot be relied on to operate the same every time. Some call these asynchronous processes or ad hoc processes, but whatever the name, they can be unstable and very agile. And make no mistake, this instability will be deliberate.” Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2015 and Beyond: Digital Business Is Driving ‘Big Change’

As I work with businesses to look at what lies beyond their immediate comfort zones, the more compelling it gets. As we have considered some of the scenarios, and the predictions, the more two things become really clear:

  1. That the predictions will be specifically inaccurate, but generally right.
  2. Their combined potential is changing everything we rely on today.

The range of well informed predictions, from the view that by 2018, digital business will require 50% fewer business process workers and 500% more key digital business jobs, compared with traditional models, to the prediction that by 2017, a significant and disruptive digital business will be launched that was conceived by a computer algorithm are more than food for thought.

The part that most caused me to pause was the text at the top of this text. Technology is giving us the capability, now, to create processes that change for each iteration. They do not follow the same process twice – each process is adapted to reflect incoming real time data. An example would be sending a text message to a person who has just walked past the store front for the third time offering a personalised discount.

When we combine this with the rise of the intelligent algorithms that are forecast to replace the vast majority of routine professional processing, from medicine to underwriting, representing around 90% of the jobs by 2020, our assumptions about our futures – as individuals and businesses, needs questioning.

The reality is of course exciting. Providing;

  • We home in on those things that we do that cannot we replicated by automation – relationships, imagination, creativity, connection, and purpose; and secondly. Understanding and leveraging the individual genius each of us possesses.
  • We are prepared to improvise and adapt in real time. To move away from dependence on scripts, roles, processes and the like to be able to use our own genius “in the moment” to react generatively to whats happening.

It’s like the best improv comedy – you have to deal with what you’re given, add to it, and pass it on.

It will require whole new approaches – from leadership, to learning, and for many the end of management as we know it today.

And of course, like the best improv, choosing who you’re on the stage with.

We’re in the middle of the transition from industrial mindset economies, to connection, growth mindset economies. From Linear, to Fluid.

If you’re ready, it will be a laugh………

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