Exploring Change – the speed of understanding

Exploring Change – the speed of understanding

Over time. “Change Management” has become a label, like “Quality” and “Innovation”. The labels make the subject safe. People design a process, and make it something that can be done to people and organisations. I suggest that is a potentially lethal approach.

We have three reactions to change. the first is denial – the idea that this is an anomaly, and that things will get back to normal. The second is neutralisation – finding a way to cope with it. The third, is transformation.What initiates transformational change is understanding – a deep, meaningful, relationship with what is happening in our individual and business world. 

And what triggers understanding is engagement – curiosity and a motivation to explore what is happening and the confidence – and courage – to face it head on.

There are three triggers – a mindset that embraces change, the confidence to start without knowing quite where it will finish, and the motivation to do it.

In every organisation the most critical path is that of engagement. Engagement triggers inquiry. Inquiry triggers understanding. Understanding triggers action.

In every organisation – we can map that critical path. It is dependent on all the variables – personality, power, relationships.

It is not a “standard process” – a change machine. It is personal, thoughtful and generous, and it changes by the day.

Change happens at the speed of understanding. Anything less than understanding makes a business obsolescent.

GrowHouse is an inquiry based consultancy, specialises in exploration to find hidden sources of value, and the identification of sacred cows that hinders it.

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