Gene Therapy for Business?

I wrote recently about business life cycles and our unwillingness to accept them – in particular the death end of them. We get really attached to current success, or even just acceptability, and look to defend it. We resist ideas that might upset the balance, or indicate radical change as anomalies, when in reality they offerContinue reading “Gene Therapy for Business?”

The Asynchronous Business

“We note that the use of unstable business processes is on the rise. Unstable business processes are those that may change their execution from moment to moment — ones that cannot be relied on to operate the same every time. Some call these asynchronous processes or ad hoc processes, but whatever the name, they canContinue reading “The Asynchronous Business”

Not Knowing – a critical business skill

There’s an interesting, and I think important theme emerging. As we tiptoe out of the caution of the last seven years, and entertain the idea of ambitious business growth, rather than survival and incremental growth, the rules have changed. We are discovering the limitations of expertise. Expertise and knowledge are great in relatively static conditions,Continue reading “Not Knowing – a critical business skill”