I find it interesting that in times of such rapid change, there is far more promotion of “solutions” than there is of questions.

Many, if not most, solutions are backward facing. Approaches that have solved a previous problem. for someone else, at a different point in time, in different circumstances.

Of course, they have value – but at best they take us to the middle of the pack. The ubiquitous “expertise” that makes almost every large organisation a clone of its large competitors.

Every business, every person, and every perspective within it is unique, capable of offering unique value to clients. Why would we homogenise it? It has the seeds of real success for those companies who have the confidence and the speed to leverage it.

There’s a great concept within psychology called “path dependence”. Quite simply, it’s about the way we create unconscious shortcuts to save time and effort. A little (no, a lot) like driving the same way to a client every time, It works, but the journey tells us little that is new, or that might stimulate an insight.

Of all the “solutions” that are posted, very few seem to address developing curiosity, or enhancing resourcefulness. These qualities – the foundation of differentiation – are more important today than at any time in the last couple of centuries. Today, anything that can be made can be made, can be created anywhere where price and service is cheapest (or increasingly, better)

Today, we need to connect people, to ideas, to people in order to create the new. Its valuable, even if it wont be long before it becomes another commodity “solution”

Sustainable success needs a search for great questions and new perspectives. Curiosity and resourcefulness. the delivery of new ideas that generate value.

Old answers are everywhere. Find people who will help you ask better, original, questions.

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