Don’t get taken Hostage

Sometimes we just hear stuff that resonates, and need to stop and pay attention. I’ve spent years studying what helps people perform and find work that ignites them (or in a “job”, joy). From coaching to education to neuroscience. I have read probably thousands of books, and studied incessantly. I love what I do. AndContinue reading “Don’t get taken Hostage”

Addicted to Yesterday

The announcement of Apple’s staggering quarterly profit (generated at a rate of £5.4 million/hour reveals an interesting response. An obsession with how that rate of growth can be maintained. It seems to reveal a “milking” attitude to growth rather than a developmental approach by shareholders. Apple has phenomenal creative capacity.if it was owned by peopleContinue reading “Addicted to Yesterday”

Signal to Noise

In physics, the SNR – signal to noise ratio is the basically the power of signal (the information we want) divided by the power of noise (the information we don’t want). In our business and personal lives, maybe the same principle applies. And therein lies a challenge. The signal we look for – things thatContinue reading “Signal to Noise”