Growth vs. Impact

A quick twenty minutes scanning LinkedIn blogs reveals a number of commonalities.

  • Many blogs shout a sales message related to the business of the person posting it without reference to the needs of the likely target.
  • Very few ask the challenging questions that are far more valuable than contextless statements.
  • Like traditional marketing, they seek to generate a dissatisfaction that will create a need, rather than a connection.

What if we made some different assumptions?

  • That right now, quality of connection is more important than growth?
  • That generosity of contribution is more important than selling?
  • That asking is more important than telling?

The connection economy is changing everything, and here are some thoughts that I’ll cover in the following weeks, based on research and discussion.

  • Growth beyond a certain point is a sea anchor that can hold us back.
  • That the future belongs to small teams, not organisations.
  • That the best businesses employ less than 150 people, and that any business with more than 5,300 people is likely to be dysfunctional.

I cannot of course prove I’m right, but there’s enough evidence out there for you to form your own conclusions, and make up your mind as to what, if any, of the conventional wisdom presented by those with an obsession with growth, rather than impact to pay attention to.

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