Bring on the Clones……

Tom Shone, reviewing “Interstellar” in the Guardian on 5 Nov noted that:

“In some ways the success of Nolan’s films rests on the same principle of the popularity of boutique hotels, lo-fi recording methods, “Glitch” music and Etsy: in the information age, more value, not less, will accrue to precisely those methods that cannot be cut and pasted – secrets, original ideas, plot twists, the integrity of the visual image.” (High Five to Chris Grieve at Meridian Prime for bringing this to my attention)

This is at the heart of the change we’re seeing. Technology enables us to copy, cut, and paste; to represent things that have already been done, or already been written, in lots of different ways.

The average company, the average consultant and coach will be doing the same. Reconfiguring things that have already been done, and representing them in a shiny new package – but in times of rapid change, this does very little to move things forward.

I think Tom Shone is right – the things that will make a difference are not slick productions values (welcome though those are) but new content, insight, and authenticity.

We require ideas, products and services that will help clients make progress and realize extra value in their lives. The people who can provide those will prosper.

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