Entrepreneurs and Insurgents

In the industrial era, normal worked. Orthodoxy worked. Market share worked. And then came the Connection Age (@relume1) and it all changed.

Guerrilla Marketing has been around as a concept for a long time, but maybe now we have “The Insurgent Mindset” – which is not about better marketing of a product, it’s about making whole categories irrelevant. It can be done by small groups with what Warren Bennis defined in his book “Organizing Genius” as the 15 key qualities of “Great Groups”

1. Greatness starts with superb people

2. Great leaders and great groups create each other.

3. Every Great Group has a strong leader.

4.The leaders of Great Groups love talent and know where to find it.

5.Great Groups are full of talented people who know how to work together.

6. Great Groups think they are on a mission from God.

7. Every Great Group is an island – with a bridge to the mainland.

8.Great Groups see themselves as winning underdogs.

9.Great Groups always have an enemy.

10. People in Great Groups have blinders on.

11.Great Groups are optimistic, not realistic.

12. In Great Groups the right person has the right job.

13.The leaders of Great Groups give them what they need, and free them from the rest.

14. Great Groups ship.

15. Great Groups is its own reward.

So, how does your business look today – insurgent, or potential victim? Moving from one to the other is hard work and requires courage. All of us – individual or business – has it within us if we choose to find it. Orthodoxy and “quick fix” “solutions” won’t do it.

It needs catalyzing. When it emerges, it’s unique and powerful. That’s why I love being a coach…….

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