SME? – Uncertainty Rocks

We love answers. We pay consultants lots of money to provide them, and spend over £8bn a year buying some form of self help books in search of them.

When things were less volatile, when the Industrial Economy still ruled, this was valid. Today, in what Khurshed Dehunagra terms the “Connection Economy” looking for answers comes a distant second to looking for questions. Volatility and Uncertainty suits newcomers, who are less burdened by, and invested in legacy attitudes and systems than established businesses.

SME can experiment, pilot, pivot, improvise, change tack as they learn. They can outmanoeuvre their bigger brethren – and the things that held them back, from finance to talent, are fading.

The one condition to take advantage of this? Stop aping the big companies, don’t benchmark, develop your own unique standpoint. Learn to understand risk. Embrace uncertainty.

For the readers amongst you, some recent titles that I rate you might want to learn from:

Not Knowing

Flawed but Willing


Have a great weekend.

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